The Mathematics Society prides itself on its diverse membership not being restricted to Math students only and deeply values their pursuit of love of all things Math. These members bring unique inputs; prime examples of which are Sambodhi Sarkar and Aditya Shailaj both then second year students of Economics Honours and B. Sc Programme respectively. Applying concepts they enjoy from Game Theory, X was a brilliant event showcasing the delights of (as the event description goes) “fun-filled prediction and high stakes gambling.”

The preliminaries saw a huge turnout of teams occupying two classrooms along the Ex-Corridor. Besides having teams representing many colleges, a smattering of teams came from Delhi’s top schools – D. P. S., R. K. Puram and Modern School, a true testament to the Math Society’s crowd pulling abilities. The prelims found teams grappling with a unique prediction based game and a bidding game and needless to say, many teams foundered while those who could crack the game made it to the next round. The next round involved both betting and a variation of the popular Rock Papers Scissors game where teams went against each other while their partners bet on their wins and losses. A great deal of game intuition and coordination came into play as the delighted audience watched the spectacle.

Finally, two teams ended up in the final round which comprised of a thrilling Poker game which was won by the skilled team of Rashi Choudhari and Rohan Jha, one of the fearless leaders of the Math Society who kepthimselfs uninvolved in any of the event planning solely to enjoy and participate in the MathSoc events.


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