Guesstimate: Friday (October 18)

Location: Room XD, St. Stephen’s College.

Guesstimate is the society’s first large scale event in the academic year, held in August- September, and it witnesses great participation from all streams of the college. It works on the principles of logic and estimation, which appeal to the masses. Guesstimate is a portmanteau word, as evidently, an amalgamation of Guess and Estimate, which efficiently explains the nature of the game. With roots lying in the Guesstimate questions made famous by the interviewers of the much sought-after corporate jobs, this event touches the same concept and adds a fun component to it in the form of audio visual rounds, et al, in such a way so as to not lose out on inherent guesstimation. The questions provide figures and conditions and the participant, using logic and suitable assumptions has to come up with an estimated and educated guess.

For more information, visit our Facebook Event Page.


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