Treasure Hunt

The Mathematics Society is undeniably famous for its challenging and engaging treasure hunts organised with dedication (and sadistic glee) by its members. The one at its annual fest ‘Integration’ was no exception; affirming the expectations of the large crowd that milled on the SCR lawns in college, by the end of it. If one were to ask the organisers what their primary objective in designing the befuddling clues and a gruelling hunt that goes into all the nooks and crannies of college, they would probably and chuckle and tell you, “to claim the ‘treasure’ for ourselves”!  No wonder ’twas so that out of the 30 teams (nearly half of whom came from neighbouring colleges and the odd school team) only three got to the last clue.

The clues come out of the devilish machinations of organising team’s minds who watch the teams stumble around trying to decipher one after the other, secretly thinking that being a spectator during a treasure hunt is one of the better joys in life. The first clue – a questionnaire with lateral thinking problems starts off the eager treasure hunters, some earlier than others, to the next and so on through myriad places in college – the Vice-Principal’s house, the basketball court, Main Block corridors etc. The hunt ends with a simulation of the famous Monty Hall problem where the three teams play the game with a sixty-seven percent chance that they shall have made through nine clues for naught. We all love a good hunt but to win it, surmounting every challenge? Aye, then comes the true elation.


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