The Mathematics Quiz

If you think Mathematics is all about hard-core calculations, theorems and proofs, then I guess you haven’t witnessed the Maths Quiz organized by The Mathematics Society, St Stephen’s College! Learning Mathematics can’t get better than this! The brightest and the most sagacious minds battle it out to be the ultimate winner, the best among the best.

Held during the annual Mathematics Department fest – Integration – the event witnesses a large participation from college students across Delhi and outside. Participation in the quiz requires no entry fee; all you need is a sharp mind and profound mathematical knowledge. Even things like the life history of mathematicians and their contributions, the origin of commonly used mathematical symbols; the fundamentals of basic axioms and postulates and other things that we often ignore while we study mathematics have equal importance as the most latest and advanced research in the field of mathematics.

The Maths Quiz tests one’s knowledge of significance of mathematics in our day to day life, from finance to culture, religion to entertainment, in almost every aspect of life. And sometimes merely theoretical knowledge is not enough to be the ultimate champ, you also require master skills in various math related games and puzzles.  For example, the finals at the 2013 quiz had a round on solving a Rubik’s cube, which makes the challenge even harder.

Unlike any regular quiz , the math quiz hosted by The Mathematics Society is unique in itself, comprising of fun and entertaining interaction sessions. Thus the Math Quiz provides an opportunity to the young quizzers to light up their grey cells while having fun at the same time. So if you have the brains, the Math Quiz is the best place to join in!


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