Talk and Paper Presentation

One of the most attractive events, amongst others, was the talk and paper presentation of Integration ’13. Dr. Geetha Venkataraman, an alumnus, who holds a doctoral degree from the University of Oxford, gave an engrossing talk on “Groups and Symmetry”, which was followed by the presentation of papers from students across various colleges.

Invitations were sent to institutes all across the country and the response we got was equally heartwarming. Initially, 4-5 papers were finalized, but following the big response we had, a total of 10 papers were shortlisted for the final presentation. Students had 10 minutes to present and 1 minute was allotted for questions and answers. Papers on varied interesting topics like game theory, cryptography, fractals, number theory, etc. were presented and the discussions that followed were very informative. Even students with a minimum knowledge on the subject could grasp the idea behind every paper.

Dr. Venkataraman was quite impressed and the event closed with her announcing the winner of the event to be Sahil Mathur, whose paper was on “An application of fuzzy soft sets in multi-criteria, multi observer decision making for armed force recruitment”.


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