Rubik’s Cube Workshop

“RUR’U’ RUR’U’ RUR’U’ :  The most used algorithm in solving a Rubik’s cube; keeps going on in one’s mind throughout the day, every day. When I go to bed all I can dream of is a cube turning in my head. When I wake up the first thing I reach for is my cube. When I am angry I cube as fast as I can till it pops. When I am feeling good I cube like a dream and clock some of my personal bests. Some say I am crazy, I say I am a perfectionist. In less than a year of attending this workshop I have brought down my average to thirty seconds.” So says one of many souls who attended the workshop in 2012.

The Mathematics Society of St. Stephen’s College organizes a Rubik’s cube workshop every year. In a few hours students are taught to solve what looks like an unbeatable puzzle. Cheap, smooth cubes that are perfect for beginners are provided and the easiest method (layer by layer) is taught from scratch. Everyone was amazed by the level of participation last year and how hungry the students were to learn something new and challenging. A person with no former knowledge of Rubik’s cube would come out with a smile on his face and a solved Rubik’s cube in his hand. What started as a mere handful of cubers has now turned into a chain reaction with everyone teaching their friends to solve the Rubik’s cube; in between classes, while having lunch, on way to the metro or even during assembly. It is not long before St. Stephen’s will be one big cubing family.


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