Human Checkers

Human Checkers, as you might have guessed by now, consisted of a bit more than the normal American checkers. Human beings played the role of the brains behind the game as well as the game pieces used to play it. A whole room was cleared and was given a chess board like touch by our volunteers and expert supervisors.

Six teams of six members each, which consisted of teams from other colleges as well, participated from which three were eliminated in the first round match-ups, decided by picking chits, and then a round robin system was followed. The game was played according to the standard rules of American checkers in addition to slight modifications and additions given to it by our core team just to spice it up.

These extra rules which introduced a certain factor of luck, not only tested the ability of a team to act properly with the options it had, but also accounted for the extra amount of fun and surely, suspense. Cash prizes were awarded to the top three teams. The event, in itself was a huge success, clearly evident from the participation levels and the fact that it successfully managed to attract a crowd just to watch the proceedings.


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