Guesstimate is the society’s first large scale event in the academic year, held in August- September, and it witnesses great participation from all streams of the college. It works on the principles of logic and estimation, which appeal to the masses. Guesstimate is a portmanteau word, as evidently, an amalgamation of Guess and Estimate, which efficiently explains the nature of the game. With roots lying in the Guesstimate questions made famous by the interviewers of the much sought-after corporate jobs, this event touches the same concept and adds a fun component to it in the form of audio visual rounds, et al, in such a way so as to not lose out on inherent guesstimation. The questions provide figures and conditions and the participant, using logic and suitable assumptions has to come up with an estimated and educated guess.

Its success is self-explanatory in view of the fact that it is again organized as part of the Mathematics Society’s annual fest INTEGRATION, hence making it the only standalone event which boasts being a part of the annual fest. Participation is seen from not only Undergraduate courses but also from Postgraduate courses too. Guesstimate as a part of Integration 2013 also saw students from various schools of Delhi participating with one of the schools grabbing the second and the third positions. The beauty lies in the fact that it does not require prior skills and hence its reach extends beyond colleges.

Guesstimate begins with a preliminary round to shortlist participants for the final round. Preliminary rounds see participation from approximately 40 to 50 teams with at least 2 members in each team with 6 of them reaching the final. The preliminary round comprises of a few questions with a suitable time limit. Prelims results are announced in real time with the finals to be followed.

The final round with 6 teams begins with explaining an ingenious system of awarding points, which awards points relative to other participants’ answers. The 4 rounds, Real World, Biz, Maths and Audio-Visual, in no particular order, test the participants’ power of guesstimation in all respects. Each round has 5 questions of equal standing.

The Real World round boasts of questions ranging from a simple recipe to the population of a country. Business round looks at more concentrated questions on the Budget, Economy and Expenditure.  The Mathematics Round, as the name suggests, uses applications and concepts of Mathematics in guesstimations. The much anticipated and crowd favourite round, AV Round marks the end of all rounds.  The AV round looks at the fun side of Guesstimations, its arsenal comprising of tasks such as listening to Sheldon’s speech to watching car races.

Guesstimate is one of the most prolific and attractive events of the Mathematics Society and will hopefully continue to be so in the future.


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