Galois Memorial Quiz

The Galois Memorial Quiz was organized the past year in the memory of a most prodigious mathematician who at the tender age of 16 had immortalized himself with a pathbreaking proof. In the short time he lived (till 22) he contributed enormously to Algebra, in particular to. Group Theory which is why the MathSoc held the quiz to remind budding young mathematicians everywhere that inexperience is no barrier to innovation.

The quiz began at 2 in the packed AV room with some teams coming all the way from IITD. The preliminaries were tricky enough to cut down the large crowd to 10 teams of three members each who went on to participate in a unique set of rounds where their skills were tested from Guesstimate to Rubik’s Cube solving, from guessing the number of ingredients in Dal Makhani to solving the Cube in few minutes. The wily quizmasters Sambodhi and Aditya ensured an exciting finale where the fight to ‘cube’ remained between a team of enterprising first year Mathematics students and a team from IITD who having stuck out so far unfortunately lost to the unbeatable duo of Edgar Elizeche and Pulkit Aggarwal.

The first three teams made richer by the generous cash prizes from sponsor Cafe Coffee Day enjoyed hard won lattes at its stall in the shadow of the child prodigy they came to commemorate.


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