Treasure Hunt 2014


The day was 3rd September, 2014 and the sun was shining brightly upon the SCR Lawns. Registrations began, as a deluge of teams made their way to the venue. The rules were simple, follow the trail of clues to find the treasure. Teams were given a map of the college, along with a sheet consisting of a sample clue and a table for entering the answers of the clues.


The first clue was given out a bit late due to the extension of registrations (The participation was incredible!), and yes, it was chaotic. The clue was, in fact, the sample clue. Obviously, everyone had tried their hand at it, and so, were clamouring around the volunteers for their next clue. With some difficulty, the volunteers managed to remain unscathed, and sent off the mob towards their next clue.

IMG-20150126-WA0016            IMG-20150126-WA0018

The next hour comprised of six more clues, located at different ends of the college.

The second clue was in the form of a riddle, with various hints including ‘families’, ‘circle’, ’32 pieces of black and white’, and a potential giveaway: “Brazuca”. The answer was, of course, the Football Field, but many got confused at the ‘black and white pieces’, and instead headed towards the chapel, where we have a piano! Apart from this, many teams could not find the clue at the football field either!


The next clue was probably the toughest of the lot. It was a 7×7 grid, to be filled with the letters D, I, C, K, E, N and S, with only a little help from the hints, which gave certain clues as to where some of the letters were located. It was the most time consuming as well! In fact, most teams lost out on time here.


After this, it was almost smooth sailing, (as smooth as it can be), and before we knew it, there were only five minutes remaining. It was at that moment that the Gods thought to take away the happy, bright sun and replace it with torrential downpour. Well, at least all the teams reached the finishing point soon enough after that!IMG-20150126-WA0017


Even so, no team managed to crack the all the clues, and so we had to look at the ones with the maximum number of solved clues. There were three teams tied, so the time they took was taken into account, and we had a winner!


The Treasure Hunt was a memorable event, a huge success, and a great day in general, for the participants as well as the organisers!



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