Mathematical Pictionary

Mathematics and art. Can the two ever be related endeavours? I believe they can.  While both these disciplines share a wonderful creative aspect, none of them can be considered complete without the other. For example, portrait-making requires the concept of shape-size and symmetry and while sketching a landscape, the idea of three-dimensional visualization is imperative. Basic shapes like the circle, the triangle, and the square are nothing but an understanding of the structures of various (perhaps, every) real-life entities in two-dimensions.

The aim of Mathematical Pictionary is to be able to relate real-life objects to geometrical figures, and hence, test one’s mathematical perspective! The best part being the fun involved in the participation. The rules of the event differ slightly to those of the normal Pictionary. Unlike normal Pictionary, Mathematical Pictionary requires the participant seated, to convey the object on the chit to his team member at the drawing board by helping the latter choose certain shapes from a given set of basic shapes.

Mathematical Pictionary was introduced during Integration ’13 and saw an enormous participation. The event was conducted in three rounds, with each team being given one and a half minute to guess the word on the chit.


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