As an important part of Integration’15, Pictionary was conducted by The Mathematics Society on 24th February, 2015.

The event which had two rounds ; the preliminary round, and the final round was participated by around 34 teams coming from various colleges across Delhi.
In the first round, one team member chose 5 shapes and directed his teammate to draw the figure, which the latter had to guess. In the second round, one of the team members (randomly chosen using chits) was blindfolded and the figure given to them was to be guessed within a minute. The event was received very well by the audience. People who participated were puzzled whereas the other participants (viewers) were wondering whether the participating team could guess the obvious figure.

DSC_0084 Although, it seemed very easy, but the task given was quite a challenge for one’s communicating skills.

At the end, Edgar (3rd Maths) and Sohan (2nd Maths) from St. Stephen’s college emerged victorious while two IITians from delhi ,Ishank and Shekhar were runners up.

All in all, Pictionary 2015 was handled very effectively and was the most enjoyed event of Integration’15.

~Udit Daima


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