Mathopolis -The Mathematics Quiz

Mathopolis , the quizzing event at Integration 2015, was held on Monday, 23 February, which was the first day of the Mathematics Society’s annual fest. The quiz featured many teams of two members each, and was evenly contested from the start. The questions revolved around mathematics and its applications, and were as diverse as the field of mathematics itself. From the father of group theory, Niels Henrik Abel, to questions about the null hypothesis in applied statistics, to the “two policemen and a drunk” theorem, the quiz had it all.The quiz was made in a way that included pop culture references and incorporated mathematics and other fields like art and music. The Quiz was seen as a way to spread the beauty of mathematics. Mathematics is always seen as a dry subject so the quiz was a way of popularizing mathematics in India.

The winners were Shannon Sequeira and Abraham Jose, both students of St. Stephen’s College, and the runners-up were Rahul Mehra of St. Stephen’s and Sameer Thomas of Hindu College.


~Raghav Talwar


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