Inaugural Talk- God is a Mathematician by Dr. Dinesh Singh

Every year the Mathematics Society hosts a range of events with its crowning one being our annual fest – Integration, where participation ranges from schools and colleges across the nation.


The fest always kicks off with a really educative and experienced inaugural talk by people with a certain degree of repute in the mathematical field. This year was no different with the talk being given by our university’s very own Vice Chancellor – Professor Dinesh Singh, who was also a previous lecturer here at St. Stephens College.
The topic of God is one that is of great concern to most Indians and the distinguished professor spoke on his view of God as a mathematician backing his claim with a concrete argument.


To speak of something like this we first need to define what we mean by the term ‘God’. Definitions will vary from person to person but the professor defined God to be everything around us .Before we discuss mathematics we first need to understand how we’ve come about creating this system. Every system we create is based on a certain sense of logic. The system itself cannot be created without setting certain axioms. These are certain self evident truths that we assume and using this set of axioms that we define, progress is made on developing the said system. Mathematics is no different and using mathematics as a tool we humans started undertaking research in various other subjects. Research in subjects like Physics have shown us with overwhelming evidence that all things in this universe obey certain mathematical rules. These rules are what govern their behaviour and recognizing these governing laws has been the real reason for the society and infrastructure of today. Mathematics proves itself to be highly useful even in the most obscurest of fields, where one finds it hard to imagine it having any function in that scenario at all. This was the gist of what was spoken and each claim that was made was supported by clear and practical examples.
All in all the talk went great. It was highly educative and hopefully inspiring as well to those who aren’t very inclined to mathematics.

~George Shaji


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