Guesstimate 2015 was organised at the Mathematics Society’s annual fest Integration 2015. Guesstimate is a mass appealing event which is a bit different from the traditional guesstimating case studies that are found commonly. Our Guesstimates are more so to do with Mathematics involving your skills to actually use Math and Estimation skills.


The event had a Preliminary Round where all the Teams which participated were given a small sheet to calculate 8 Guesstimations of various types. These were only a small clue of what was to follow for the final rounds and the participants were judged on their proximity to the actual answers.


6 Teams qualified for the finals and the finals had the following 4 rounds:

  1. Mathematical Estimation: Mostly simple Math Questions where calculating the exact value is really not an option.

Eg. 44777883*334456666

  1. Real World Round: You are given a clue and you have to extend and use that information to calculate the actual answer.

Eg. If No. Of restaurants in X is 56, how many restaurants are there in Y.( Given that Y is twice as big as X and is more food crazy)

  1. Fictionate: Your common estimation skills and ability to think of the dimensions of real world objects would help you.

Eg. How many 2 Rupee coins in height would be needed to equal the Great Wall of China

  1. Audio/Visual Round: Based on the clips/sounds given Participants were asked to estimate various facts.

Eg. Participants were shown a clip and asked how many words were spoken in the full video.(Lengths were given)

The event was enjoyable and the weird questions made sure the participants enjoyed the event.

~Nandil Bhatia


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