Arithmancy is one of the major events of “Integration”: The Annual Fest of The Mathematics Society. Arithmancy is a maths based event where the participants need to solve math questions to clear the rounds along with the spices of playing stone-paper-scissor-lizard, bidding and the board game. Arithmancy 2015 started off with participation of 25 teams of 2 members each.


The first round was a combination of three sub-rounds. The first sub-round was a very straight forward one where each team had to solve 20 mathematical questions within the given time limit. Use of phone or calculators was not allowed. The second sub-round was cryptography, where the teams had to decode a one liner text. A hint was given in form of a mathematical question, solving which they got a number and using it they had to decode the message. The third sub-round was speed calculations. In the first five questions numbers were being flashed one after other and the teams had to keep on adding them. In the next five questions numbers were displayed along with operators forming an equation. The teams had to solve these equations from left to right without applying BODMAS. After the first round top six teams proceeded to the next round.


The  next round comprised of lot of luck because it involved bidding. One of the team member was supposed to bid and the other team member was to play stone-paper-scissor-lizard against another team. If they win the double of their bided amount is added to their account and if they lose only the bided amount is subtracted. This round ended up with four teams qualifying for the next.

The board game was an inspiration from the snake and ladder one, except the dislocation of ladders and no snakes and dice, In each turn teams had to solve a question correctly to move forward on the board. And if the question is incorrect they move backwards. But the teams had the freedom to choose the level of the question i.e easy, medium and hard. Easy, medium and hard questions corresponded to one, two and three steps respectively. When a team reached ladder they were bound to solve a hard question in order to use it. In case they solve it incorrectly they could not use the ladder.


After all the solving, biding and decoding Arithmancy got over with the winners being Bhavya Madan and Aparna Mishra, Overall it was a  maths based event which had twists and amendments to make it more fun.

~Anjana Tirkey


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