Mathsoc Open 2015

A cubing extravaganza, Mathsoc Open 2015, held on 21-22 February ’15 was organized by the Mathematics Society of St. Stephen’s College, in association with the World Cubing Association, as a part of the society’s annual fest INTEGRATION. Mathsoc Open was a much awaited event and this year’s competition hosted a total of 10 events: Rubik’s Cube, 2X2 Cube, 4X4 Cube, 5X5 Cube, 3X3 Blindfold, 3X3 One-Handed, Megaminx, Pyraminx, Skewb and 3X3 Multiple Blindfold.


The vast array of events saw participation not only from all over Delhi but also as far as from Bangalore and Mumbai. Over 100 people registered which mostly included school children whose enthusiasm wasn’t in the least doused by the lingering exam season that lay ahead. The room was brought alive by the constant clicking sound of the cubes and the buzzing of the excited participants whose crazy cubing skills were simply astonishing. Akash Rupela, the WCA delegate for the competition won a total of 3 events-Rubik’s, 5X5 and the 3X3 one-handed , breaking the previous national record for the 5X5 cube, solving the cube in just 1 min 15 sec. Shivam Bansal, another cuber won 4 of the events-2X2, Pyraminx, Skewb and the 3X3 Multiple Blindfold.


Weeks of preparation of both the participants and the organizers paid off as the event concluded without any hiccups with the cubers being awarded for their excellent performance. It was indeed a very enjoyable event for everyone present.

~Arushi Vishwakarma


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