Math Me If You Can 2014

The event was subdivided into 4 rounds. It begun with minute to win it. With cohesive efforts of the partners, the teams were to solve puzzles in under a minute. A few of them could do it, or at least they thought they could. Thereafter erupted an unwanted debate on the various possibilities of the solutions.


Top 10 teams qualified for flash anzan. The overly enthusiastic participants were, at first, appalled at the whirlwind of numbers on the screen. The organizers were, funnily enough, petrified by the panic-stricken gaze of the participants. Nevertheless, it went on smoothly once we reduced the speed.
IMG-20150126-WA0007     IMG-20150126-WA0003

Top 4 teams qualified for the mental calculator round. There, the weaker your opponent, the more you were to benefit. The choice was a fair play of probability; or simply fortuitous so to say.

Those who lived through the meteoric storm of numbers went on to the last round- The final destination. That’s where an uncanny ability with numbers was required. The puzzles were not exactly mathematical conundrums, but were intriguing enough to stick with you. They could solve as many as 8 out of 10 problems. The total score of the last 2 rounds gave us our winners.


Needless to say the participants ended up begging for more.


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