Eccentrics 2014

Eccentrics, the new event organized by The Mathematics Society of St.Stephen’s College, got a very good start with 30-40 teams participating  from all colleges of Delhi. The game is all about your strategy to win. Eccentrics is a three level round.
The first round had 20 ques and the participants had a choice to select their level of difficulty. The points varied according to the level of difficulty. Most of the people started with easy level questions for their first few questions and slowly to score well people started taking risk to earn more points.
Every round had elimination.
We selected 8 teams for round 2. Round two was bingo. In this round the teams were given 30 ques to choose from and they had to do any 5 correctly. With each correct answer the teams got an alphabet of BINGO. one wrong answer could decrease the points collected by 25. And the first 4 teams to complete their bingo successfully got into the final round.
The final round was the center of attraction. It was the bidding round. The half of minimum number of points earned by the teams became the lowest bid. The rules for bidding were that each correct bid could give 300% of the money put to stake back. But one wrong stake could take away 200% of the money on stake. In this round each team decided which participant is bidding n who is solving ques. The bidding participants from each team was taken to a separate room where they could only see the ques and place a bid on whether his/her partner would do it correctly. And the solver from each team is never told the amount bidden on him and whether his ans is correct or not! The twist is added to the round when the participants are given an opportunity to place minimum bid even when their balance goes negative.
The highest score at the end was 14000 and the minimum was -5000 . The event was a big success.


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