Rubik’s Cube Workshop

A year ago, an artful puzzle had enticed me into the society. And now, I can say, I am addicted to it. At the workshop, I could see an array of pleasantly surprised faces, shocked to see us solve the Rubik’s Cube so quickly. I knew they would have experienced the same thrill that I had once experienced; when I had first seen my seniors do it.  It is amazing to know how far I have come.


We saw a good turnout of students at workshop. They entered the room with an unsolved puzzle and an irresolute face, unsure of whether they could do it. We taught them the beginners’ method, which is simple and easy to learn. At first, they seemed a bit doubtful, but completion of every layer would animate their faces. The momentous moment, when they could complete it, was worth a picture. It had brought an effulgent smile on their faces. 

IMG-20140830-WA0012     IMG-20140830-WA0010    

Our first years seemed more enthusiastic than we were. The normal cubes went unnoticed; and the good ones were all sold out. The workshop appealed the most to those with a huge reserve of latent cubing talent. It is not long before many of them would have their fingers moving the layers of the cube all day long. The most effervescent ones, I know, will carry forward the cubing legacy.


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