MathSoc Open 2014

By the time you read this sentence Akash Rupella, winner of 3×3 event in Mathsoc Open 2014, would have solved a Rubik’s Cube!


The Mathematics Society of St. Stephen’s College had its annual festival ‘INTEGRATION’ from 12-14 February. MathSoc Open 2014 was a Rubik’s Cube (and other puzzles) solving competition that was organized in association with the WCA (World Cube Association). There were four categories in the competition, namely: 2×2, Rubik’s Cube, 4×4 and Pyraminx.


The 2×2 event was won by Garvit Vyas, who achieved his personal best of 2.79 seconds. Akash Rupella, the WCA delegate for the competition, won the Rubik’s Cube and 4×4 events. Shubham Kumar won the Pyraminx event with a solve of 4.18 seconds. The competition aslo saw many cubers achieve their personal best times, singles and average.


This marathon event lasted for five and a half hours, excluding the preparation time. There were over 150 registrations for the competition, some even from outside the country! Participants were in the age group of 12-40. Some participants had bunked school while one guy had taken a leave from work to attend the competition.


This event was easily one of the biggest in history of The Mathematics Society, St. Stephen’s College.


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