Treasure Hunt

Shortly before the commencement of the Treasure Hunt organized by St. Stephen’s Mathematics Society as a part of their national festival, Integration, the organisers were afraid that not a lot of people would participate for said event. However, their worries were soon put to rest when the deadline for registrations had to be extended well past the time of commencement of the event. Judging by the number of people that participated in the Treasure Hunt (around 150 people!), it was easily one of the most successful and widely appreciated events of Integration.


To say that the distribution of the first clue was chaotic would be the understatement of the year. However the organisers and volunteers were able to pass out the clues, (at the risk of being tramples to death, I might add) quite efficiently. With that began the chase. The first clue was quite easy to solve and soon several teams had cracked it and proceeded to the next destination. The second clue on the other hand was regarded as one of the toughest clues. The method to solve said clue is something that the writer has not quite understood herself and therefore commends those geniuses that were able to solve it (The mastermind wishes to convey at this point that the solutions to the puzzles would be uploaded soon. :P).


This year the clues had been planted in a manner that compelled the participants to explore the campus. The third clue and the fourth clue were connected and the method to solve the fourth clue was mentioned in the third. And so the treasure hunt progressed, as the sadistic mastermind watched, from her vantage point, the teams struggle to figure out the devilishly difficult clues that would lead them to the next destination, and eventually, to the treasure.


All in all the chaos surrounding that sunny afternoon in St. Stephens was one of the best things to happen this year. At the end of it all, most people were richer than before in one way or another.



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