Mathematical Pictionary

“Never thought making clues could be this fun!” said everyone involved in the organizing team of “Pictionary”, an interactive event testing one’s mathematical perspective with respect to relating real-life objects and geometrical figures. The event, held on February 13, saw participation from over 30 teams from colleges across Delhi.


People had to participate in teams of two, and the rules of the event differed slightly to those of the conventional Pictionary. Mathematical Pictionary required the seated participant to convey the object on the chit to his team member at the drawing board by helping the latter choose certain shapes from a list of basic mathematical shapes. There were three rounds, each with increasing difficulty. Four teams qualified for the last round out of which Gaurav and Lisha from Khalsa College emerged victorious.


The preparation for the event had started a month in advance. Eight first years and three second years took the responsibility of this humongous task of conducting this fun- filled event. And since then and till 6:00 pm of February 13, all we could think was, “Is this too difficult to draw in the limited time given to the teams or is it just too easy to guess?”. A fan was no longer a machine for producing airflow, but an object that could be represented by 3 rectangles and a circle. While walking, or talking or studying or dreaming or doodling, Pictionary was on our minds. We enjoyed sitting in the lawns, brain storming together, testing clues on each other, deciding rounds, finalizing clues and making chits, not to forget laughing with the participants (or on the participants, as the case might be) during the event.  It was a memorable experience, a team effort involving a group of overexcited participants who provided the audience with never-ending entertainment.



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