As the name suggests, one had to do a lot of ‘guessing’ and ‘estimating’. Though there were other events happening simultaneously, we had a good number of teams, especially from other colleges, like  Miranda, Khalsa, DTU and Hansraj. The preliminary round consisted of 8 questions which were to test the participant’s abilities pertaining to logical and mathematical estimation.


Ten teams went on to the final round which consisted of 5 subrounds, namely, Real World, Mathematical Round, Fermi Round, Audio-Visual Round and a new addition, Round it up. Each round consisted of 6-8 questions based on the same. Each question had some data given and one had to estimate accordingly. After every 2 rounds , 3 teams were eliminated.


From guesstimating the number of KFC outlets in India to guesstimating the number of standard table tennis balls needed to fill a 1000 litre tank, the event really put the logical and calculative brain of a participant to test. The last round had questions which had answers in the percentage format. The final 5 teams were given a range bracket which had to contain the correct answer. They had to set the range bracket accordingly, pretty similar to the tv show, ‘Dus ka Dum’.


The event went well. The participants had a lot of fun and so did the volunteers and event managers.


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