Paper Presentation

The Mathematical Paper Presentation , was the most distinguished mathematics research oriented event of Integration 2014. As the name suggests , the event saw  presentations of research papers on topics of mathematics and its applications, which were  judged by a panel of judges comprising of  Dr. Geetha Venkataraman and Dr. Radha Mohan . The event witnessed a variety of papers ranging from Mathematical modelling of scoliosis, reverse divisors , cryptography , Projective Planes and many more.


Each presentation reflected a good quality of original research work done by each of the participant and was followed by a question and answer session with the participants. After a long period of discussion and brain storming the judges announced the winners and Sadiah Zahoor from St. Stephen’s College was awarded the first prize for her paper on “Projective Planes and Magic Discs”. In her paper she explained how a projective plane is a two dimensional Projective Space, and showed how instructive and entertaining a projective geometry with a finite total number of points works.  She constructed a model for finite projective plane which she called a Magic Disc.


The Second prize was won by Aastha Bhatia and Jasmine Bhullar from Lady Sri Ram College for their topic “Cryptography”  and the third prize was won by Abhinav Baruah from St. Stephen’s College for his paper on “Reverse Divisors”.  The event successfully ended with the optimistic idea of increasing interest of students for mathematical research.



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