Integration 2014: Inaugural Talk

I was so obsessed by this problem that I was thinking about it all the time – when I woke up in the morning, when I went to sleep at night – and that went on for eight years.

~Andrew Wiles

At last he solved the problem and won worldwide recognition. The problem mentioned above is the famous Fermat’s last theorem. Andrew Wiles in his hard working experiments with numbers gave prior importance to elliptical curves. This got us excited about learning a bit about Elliptical Curves.  Hence we searched for a person in Delhi, who is a master in these topics and stumbled upon Dr. Rupam Barman.

To start the “Integration’14”, the annual fest the Mathematics Society St. Stephen’s College, we were thus honored to have Dr Rupam Barman with us, to give the inaugural talk on “Elliptic Curves in Number Theory”.  He is an assistant Professor at Department of Mathematics, IIT Delhi. He had completed his Ph.D. in April 2010 from IIT Guwahati. He earned post doctoral fellowship by the Mathematics Center Heidelberg (MATCH), University of Heidelberg Germany during 2011, and, Indo-Australian visiting fellowship by INSA to work at Newcastle University, Australia during 2012-2013. His area of interest is Iwasawa Theory, p-Adic Measures, Elliptic Curves, Hypergeometric series, and Modular Forms.

He gave an enriching hour-long talk, explaining some open problems like Congruent Number Problem and Birch Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture. The aim of the talk was to explain the connection between a simple ancient problem (CNP) in number theory and a deep sophisticated conjecture (BSD Conjecture) in modern arithmetic geometry. He introduced elliptic curves and the Mordell-Weil group laws, and then focused on how the CNP and BSD conjectures are connected via elliptic curves.



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