DSC01306Arithmancy was the improved version of the Shakuntala Devi Memorial event ‘Math Me if You Can’ held in October last year. The basis remained the same – simple arithmetic, logic and reasoning – but taken to a whole new level. And of course, purely mental – no pen and paper!


The volunteers for the event spent countless sleepless nights, thinking of ways to make this event entirely unique, without losing the charm of Math Me if You Can. At the same time, it was devised in a way so as not to eliminate a large number of teams after the very first round itself, in which case people do not really get the feel of the event.


An overwhelming number of (around fifty) teams turned up, most of which were from various institutes across Delhi (IIT and DTU included). A fierce competition raged amongst the teams in the first two rounds – Minute to Win it and the Pattern round. Minute to Win it had challenging and tricky questions, which you had to solve in 60 seconds, while the Pattern round comprised of questions that showed you one slide at a time having a particular pattern, and you had to guess what the next pattern would be. All in the mind!


10 teams were shortlisted to go through to the next round, which had Flash Anzan (numbers that flashed periodically had to summed up mentally) and Human Calculator, which basically tested the partipants’ calculation skills, accuracy and speed. Cryptography followed next, which was a new addition. Five puzzles had to decrypted before the team got the ‘Master question’ (a riddle had to be cracked, the cipher used was to be found, along with the key to the cipher), which carried bonus marking.


The top four teams went through to the final round, wherein they were provided with password protected laptops, and a code. Once you decrypted it, the laptop held the final question of the event, which was an extremely witty riddle.

People had as much fun playing the event as the volunteers had creating it. Just like the name suggests, the event was truly awesome.


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