The Treasure Hunt

photo7th of September – an ordinary Saturday for the rest of the world, but a day of meticulous planning for the organizers of the Mathematics Society treasure hunt and anticipation for the participants. That afternoon at about 2:15 pm, 90 students from different colleges across the city descended on the SCR lawns of St. Stephens College and what followed can easily be called one of the best afternoons of many of our lives.

photo (15)

Once the registrations began, there was no turning back. We had been plunged into a plethora of activity; whether it was registering the future participants, resolving any queries they might have or telling them that the instructions weren’t actually a clue. Yet, as always there was order in chaos. However that only came out once the participants got their first clue. To most the symbols on the paper were as confusing (if not more) as Greek is for most of us. No wonder it took them eons to figure that one out.

photo (1)

The next clue can accurately be summed up as elusive. A map – hmmmm… where could it possibly lead? Mordor? Hogwarts? Apparently, somewhere a lot of us had never heard of – Happy Park. From there, things only looked uphill until the participants stumbled upon the next clue. They had to crack a ‘nag a ram’.

photo (8)

Some teams ended up at the sports office while some others arrived at the football field. At the sports office the clue, when solved, resulted in a ten – digit number that further had to be converted into alphabets. However, drawing inspiration from previous clues, the participants actually ended up calling the number.  The result of that was a rather agitated man who got more calls in twenty minutes than he did in his entire life. The teams had some difficulties finding the clues at the football field and nearly disrupted an ongoing cricket match.

photo (10)

It was around this time that the clock chimed four. The hunt was over: but nobody had found the treasure. So teams were called back and judged on the basis of the number of clues found in the correct order. There were three teams that got 5 clues in the correct order and the final decision was made on the basis of who came first.

photo (5)

It was definitely one of the most enjoyable events planned this year. The experience of organizing or participating (whatever you excel in) in a treasure hunt is highly recommended to all.


2 thoughts on “The Treasure Hunt

  1. Coming from a staple eater of treasure hunts in ’12 and ’13 in every college in DU along with my literal partner in crime Abhimanyu ( we were also your Vice President and president in ’13), reading this have me so much joy, I love the direction mathssoc is taking, I believe we set a new precedent in ’13 and the society has continued to raise the bar.
    This may be me just being sentimental but reading the posts on the website game me the goosebumps – in a good way ;).

    Good job!

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